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As the exclusive representative - consultant of SOFRADIR and ULIS in Poland, we are proud to offer our customers help in selection, purchase and implementations of IRFPAs from both companies.


SOFRADIR offers some of the best HgCdTe or QWIP staring arrays to develop high performance applications as e.g. military and space science. Various models of infrared detectors with integrated coolers and ROIC are available, sensitive from 0,8µm to 13µm (MW,SW,LW and their combinations) with pixel-pitch 15µm or higer and coming in sizes 288x4, 480x6, 320x256, 640x512, 1000x256 and other... Matched external electronics sets are also available on request.

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ULIS is one of the most prominent producers of low-cost uncooled microbolometer Infrared Focal Plane Arrays (IRFPA) with integrated CMOS read-out and temperature stabilization ciruits (ROIC). These detectors range from 8-14µm (in customized versions also: 3-5µm, 3-14µm) with pixel-pitch 25µm or 35µm and come in sizes: 160x120, 320x240/384x288, as well as 640x480 (pixel-pitch 25µm, only).

More information: www.ulis-ir.com