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PIRS Pręgowski Infrared Services bases on over 40 years of experience and well-established scientific position of Piotr Pręgowski, Ph.D., both in Poland and abroad*. Having been involved in both research and teaching thermography and optoelectronics, since our start in 1990, allows us at PIRS - to offer versatile and professional help whenever infrared applications are required.

  • our services are available through orders, applications and contracts paid through VAT invoices,
  • we are officially eligible for offering educational services in Poland since 1990,
  • some of our services can be performed remotely thanks to the Internet, whereas other are available at Client's or PIRS location, as well as any other given location countrywide and worldwide,
  • depending on the complexity of tasks, other units can become part of our service. We rely on long-term, well verified and always professional partners,
  • every service agreed with PIRS requires a detailed agreement and time reservation in advance. Our long-term Clients are always offered a rebate and have a privilege when choosing dates,
  • our policy says that even if PIRS is not adequate to perform an expected service, we will always share our thoughts and advices with the Client, trying to help the best we can.

* More information: P.Pregowski, Ph.D